How to make your event look good on Instagram

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Today we’re going to be talking about how to make your next event look good on Instagram. Whether you’re a small business wanting to make your event super friendly for social media influencers or you just want your guests to feel inspired about sharing their experience, it helps to think about how your event will translate onto an image-sharing platform. Luckily for you, as an event planner in Vancouver, I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve!

Here are some of my favourite tips on how to make your event look good on Instagram:

Build a photo or video corner

The photo booth trend just keeps on truckin’. Everybody loves a dedicated space to take photos of themselves or their friends, so make sure yours is on point. Pick a corner or a section of wall that’s in a low-party-traffic area and designate it as a photo space. Pay attention to backdrops, like textured wallpaper or a pretty print. A salon I once went to had an amazing selfie wall that was covered in silk roses and even had a dedicated ring light. It was an amazing, luxurious touch that had all their clients wanting to snap a pic on their way out.

If space permits, you could even have a small video nook. After all, the Instagram Stories platform has more daily users than Snapchat, so there’s a good chance some of your guests will want to get some Instagram film action in there. The same guidelines apply backdrop, lighting, maybe even some cute props.

make your event look good on instagram - wedding planner vancouver - event planner vancouver - susanna stewart events
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Create a hashtag  

If you want to create some hype in the social sphere, set up a hashtag for your event and make sure people know about it. You can even include it on your invitations so people use it in advance, building intrigue and excitement. Make sure it’s vividly displayed at your event itself, ideally at a place people see as soon as they walk into the event itself. You can incorporate it into the details – like place settings or cocktail glasses – or as part of the décor on a larger scale.

Let your guests get creative

Anything interactive makes for a highly shareable experience. Having guests create their own artwork or party favours is a great way to incorporate this. Ever seen those walls where people are encouraged to fill in blanks or write their own answers to a question? Those are great for sparking conversation and are sure to get your crowd thinking, talking and ultimately, sharing. The quote or question wall is a particularly good option if your event is promoting a socially-conscious or humanitarian cause, but I’ve also seen it done at wedding after-parties, where guests are encouraged to write down their favourite memories of the couple or something like that. It’s a fun and interactive way to get things started!

Good lighting

Dim lighting can add a sultry and exclusive vibe to some events, but it doesn’t always make for the best photos. Ditto with certain tones, like blue or green-tinted lights. Soft lighting with a warm glow has a flattering effect that not only looks beautiful in-person but makes for great snaps. If lighting is out of your control or you have other reasons for wanting to stick to a dark and edgy vibe, consider having a dedicated ring light in your selfie corner or a photo booth that features a bit of a softer glow.

make your event look good on instagram - wedding planner vancouver - event planner vancouver - susanna stewart events

Make it personal

People love sharing whimsical, personal touches, especially things with their name on it. Whether it’s salad plates with your guests’ initials in calligraphy, artful nametags or luxurious, customized party favours, this is an extra touch that is infinitely shareable. You can be as subtle or as all-out as you want. It’s a move that not only shows your guests you’ve thought about them but adds another layer of originality to your event, which, in turn, makes it more Instagram-friendly.


As much as I love the tangible aspects of an event, like meeting new faces, trying new cocktails and sharing plates of delicious tapas, increasingly I have clients wanting to know how they can make their events look good on Instagram, which I totally get. Not only is it a great way to create memories, but it’s an excellent form of promotion for small businesses.


With all of this in mind, I hope you’ll try some (or all!) of these tips at your next event. For some event inspiration from Instagram, you can check out my list of my favourite accounts to follow. If you need help planning a social-media-friendly event from scratch, I’m just an email or a phone call away!

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