The desserts you need to throw an epic summer party in Vancouver

desserts summer party in vancouver - event planner in vancouver - susanna stewart events

The right dessert can really be the crowning touch for your summer party in Vancouver. Good food, cocktails and conversation are indispensable, but a memorable dessert is an invitation to linger just a little longer on the patio, a detail that can keep your guests talking about your event for months. Make sure it’s something you don’t overlook!

Or, maybe there’s no danger of that since you’re the kind of person likely to throw a decadent, desserts-only party. Nobody’s judging! Either way, I’ve decided to compile a delicious roster of dessert ideas for your summer party. These options are fantastic, no matter your budget or entertaining style.

No summer party in Vancouver is complete without:

Mini Donuts

desserts summer party in vancouver - event planner in vancouver - susanna stewart events
Photo credit: @cartemsdonuts

I’ve sort of been on a donut kick since discovering Cartems Donuterie on West Pender. Their donuts are made from scratch, fried in coconut oil and they have some crazy good flavours, like Smoked Maple Walnut and Earl Grey.

A selection of mini donuts makes a great dessert option for a party too. Bite-sized anything is a super idea, as it allows people to sample more of a variety and choose whether they indulge in one, or like, twenty. With the goodness of teeny donuts, who could blame them?

Make sure that you get some of the classic flavours –cake donuts, glazed, chocolate – along with some novelty flavours too, to appeal to everybody’s tastes. Pile them pyramid-style on a vintage cake stand or group them by flavour on statement plates for a stylish display.

On another note, La Glace Ice Cream is a local brand that makes mini ice-cream cones, which would be a fun continuation of the mini-theme.

Sundae Bar

desserts summer party in vancouver - event planner in vancouver - susanna stewart events
Photo credit: Style Me Pretty

This is a fun and interactive option that’s equal parts whimsical and delicious. Again, it lets your guests have a greater choice of options, plus it’s cute and memorable.

Get some glass sundae cups (try martini glasses or scotch tumblers for a fun twist) and set up a selection of sundae ingredients that will tantalize and inspire. This should include an ice-cream base (or your fave dairy-free alternative) in classic flavours like vanilla and chocolate, along with toppings. Use your imagination for this! Shredded coconut, sliced fruit, toasted nuts, artisanal syrups all make great options.

This is a great dessert when set up in stations, so guests can choose their base, toppings and sauces one-by-one, then go back for more. Delicious and totally Instagram-friendly!


desserts summer party in vancouver - event planner in vancouver - susanna stewart events

There’s something about a fresh, fruit-filled pie with a perfectly flaky crust that is just so evocative. It seems to go hand and hand with walking barefoot through lush, summery fields or sitting on a dock somewhere while the lake laps gently at your feet.

Lately, I’ve been loving Yaletown’s Lime and Moon Pie Company. They’ve branded themselves as having Vancouver’s Best Organic Pie, and truthfully, it’s hard to find a reason to disagree with that statement. They do fruity staples – like peach and blackberry – paired with some unique twists on seasonal favourites, like organic apple and raspberry with a chocolate crust. As a bonus, they make gluten-free and vegan options too.

For a party setting, you can do a selection of mini-pies (which you may have to request custom) or you could grab a few larger ones and pre-slice them. Serve these on vintage plates with delicate forks for the full experience.


desserts summer party in vancouver - event planner in vancouver - susanna stewart events

This amazing Spanish dessert is remarkably underrated. Sweet, doughy, crunchy and easy to make, it ticks all the right boxes for an ideal party dessert. Make a platter and arrange them artfully around a bowl of chocolate sauce and bam! You’re the hostess with the mostess! We love this simple recipe from Smitten Kitchen.

Churros make a great party option because they invite your guests to snuggle up around the platter and chit chat while passing around the sauce.

Having a more formal get together? Let guests choose their churros from a platter and serve the sauce in individual shot glasses.  

Throwing an epic summer party in Vancouver? Tell us what you’re serving! Or tag @susanna_stewart in your dessert posts on social media so we can share the desserty goodness.  

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